MindManager Training

MSL offers training in Mind Mapping using MindManager software.

MindManager Fundamentals

This one-day course is designed for beginner to intermediate level users who want to learn best practices for using MindManager 2002 as a professional tool.

The morning portion of the class is an introduction to productivity in the workplace and a discussion of whole brain thinking and the business mapping technique. Short exercise segments are used to reinforce the learning of these techniques.

The remainder of the day focuses on MindManager features in learning modules based around typical office applications. Each module is made up of instructor step-by-step demonstrations of MindManager 2002 features and participant exercises on individual machines.

These modules include the following topics:

Basic Exercises: A step-by-step presentation of basic features including:

Screen elements and menus
Starting new maps
Adding branches
Editing branches
Adding and moving sub-branches
Coloring branches, adding codes and symbols
Hyperlinking to documents or Web sites

Preparing a Talk or Paper:
Organization of a paper or talk using MindManager features and methods.

Brainstorming: Different techniques used to facilitate brainstorming interpreted through MindManager features and a demonstration of MindManager's Brainstorming feature.

Project Management: Manage projects and processes effectively in less time by learning the synchronization feature between MindManager and MS Project, MS Outlook and MindManager's Power Select feature.

Taking Notes: Take better and more useful meeting notes that eliminate the need for agendas and post meeting minutes by learning hints on meeting management interpreted through MindManager features.

Preparing a Presentation: Create compelling presentations with MindManager's Presentation Mode or Export your maps to PowerPoint or HTML.

Multi-Maps: Manage large maps and keep complex information and processes at your fingertips or combine material from several maps by learning how to use this powerful feature.